Emerald Isle Landscape Installation Services.

Once you have finalized your new landscape design, it is time for the installation phase of your project. With so much time and money invested in purchasing plants, fertilizer, mulch and other landscape components, you want to make sure that everything is installed correctly and is able to thrive. The team at The Yard Barber has an extensive knowledge of plant needs and installation best practices so that your new plants will enjoy optimal health from day one.

Our installation services also extend to irrigation systems and hardscape elements. Your plants will need the proper balance of water and nutrients to grow. Hydration can be especially challenging in Emerald Isle and other coastal North Carolina cities that experience hot summer temperatures and tropical storms and hurricanes. With the right system in place, you can make sure that the ideal amount of water is delivered to each plant. This is the best way to create a more efficient and cost-effective irrigation system while also protecting the health of your landscape.

Installation Projects

We can also help improve your landscape with hardscape installation projects. Whether you want to create an inviting seating area with a stone patio or you are looking to create tiered plant beds with the help of retaining walls, we can help. With a team that is made up of both landscape and hardscape experts, you can rely on one company for all your needs.

Ensure the success of your landscape project when you take advantage of our full range of professional landscape services. At The Yard Barber, we offer superior services and competitive pricing so that you can get the most out of your budget. Put your landscape project in the right hands and enjoy the best in localized expertise and excellent customer services when you partner with the team at The Yard Barber.

Your perfect retreat awaits. Let’s get the ball rolling on your new yard.