Pool Installation

San Juan Pools

San Juan fiberglass pools are pre-formed and ready to install. They have over 85 designs from small patio pools to some almost 50’ long. Whereas a concrete pool takes a very long time to build – often as long as 6 months or longer. A San Juan fiberglass pool can be installed and ready to swim much faster, depending on scheduling and weather. In fact, the only way to tell the difference between a concrete pool and a San Juan Fiberglass pool once they are installed, is that the San Juan fiberglass pool will look just as beautiful as the day it was installed – and that’s a big difference.

Benefits of San Juan Pools

Cold Resistant: Even under the extreme cold temperature by using Liquid Nitrogen (-321degrees fahrenheit) a San Juan Fiberglass pool doesn’t fail. As you can see in the photos, vinyl liners and concrete crack and break, San Juan does not. This proves that San Juan Pools hold up in extreme cold temperatures.

Acid Resistant: Muriatic Acid can’t harm a San Juan Fiberglass Pool! Acid is a major component in your water chemistry and when not maintained properly it can hurt the finish. This test shows how swimming pool acid can destroy a concrete pool. Pouring Muriatic Acid directly on a concrete pool starts destroying it immediately, however, it has no effect on San Juan pools.

Bullet Resistant: Bullet-Proof San Juan Fiberglass Pools! That’s right bullet-proof! A 9mm, 380, 45 and 44 magnum did not penetrate the San Juan Pool. This demonstrates the incredible strength of our hand-laid fiberglass pools. Chopped fiberglass pools offer no resistance as seen in the bottom photo.

Heat Resistant: Using a high temperature acetylene torch (5,700 degrees fahrenheit) with its ability to cut through steel still can’t hurt a San Juan Pool as you can see in these photos. This proves that San Juan Pools hold up in extreme hot temperatures.

No Ledge Requirement: Cheap sprayed on fiberglass pools are built with ledges around them. They are marketed as “safety ledges”. These ledges are added to compensate for the weakness of chopped fiberglass pools. Rather than offer safety, they can actually increase the risk of injury. They also make the bottom of the pool significantly narrower and reduce the play area.


  • Warranty: 25 year non-prorated structural warranty
  • Installation: Within days
  • Product Quality: Manufactured in a controlled environment
  • Design Options: 100+ models to choose from
  • Durability: Flexes under pressure
  • Interior Finish: Smooth, skin friendly
  • Swim outs, steps, benches and sundecks: One-piece molded in
  • Water Chemistry: No harsh chemicals needed
Your perfect retreat awaits. Let’s get the ball rolling on your new yard.